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Vita Cup CoffeeGet Essential Vitamins In Your Daily Coffee!

VitaCup Coffee – Everybody enjoys feeling like they have energy and focus to take on the day.  Because, when you have energy, your world feels almost limitless.  And, you definitely feel like you can do anything.  But, life is crazy, and sometimes we need a little help.  In fact, more than two-thirds of people drink coffee to help kick-start their day.  But, coffee isn’t all you need.  Vitamins and minerals are necessary for optimal health and happiness.  At VitaCup Coffee, we wanted to know: What if you could get your vitamins in your daily Joe?

It’s true!  Elusive vitamins and minerals can turn you into a zombie.  Because, you really do need all of that laundry list of letters and numbers in order to function properly.  So, how can you be sure you’re getting everything from Thiamine to Folic Acid?  Well, you could invest in a big old bottle of daily supplements, but even sometimes that’s not enough.  Plus, it’s easy to forget to reach into the cupboard every day and take a pill.  But, all coffee drinkers know that it’s almost impossible to forget your coffee!  So, we at VitaCup Coffee knew that it was time to tackle the problem head-on.  With coffee, of course.  Click below for your first order!

Awesome VitaCup Coffee Benefits

  • Get Seven Essential, Energizing Nutrients From One Daily Cup Of Coffee
  • Enjoy Six Delicious Flavors Including A Decaffeinated Option
  • Shop Variety Packs For Something New Every Day
  • Individual Cups Fit Into A Standard Cup-Using Coffee Dispenser Such As Keurig
  • Cups Are Entirely BPA-Free And Recyclable For Less Environmental Impact

The VitaCup Coffee Ingredients

You’re probably thinking that there’s no way a fortified cup of coffee could taste good.  And, sure, you’ve probably tasted some sub-par coffee in your day.  Even some of the professional coffee houses have their unfortunate quality moments.  But, when it comes to VitaCup Coffee, you’re going to get a good cup every time.  Because, we had specialists working for six months to design the perfect blends that impressed taste buds and nutritionists.  And, that means that even though you’re getting vitamins in your coffee, it’s not going to taste like vitamins.  It’s going to taste like high-quality coffee beans, sourced from growers in South America and roasted to peak flavor.

So, what exactly can you get from a mug of VitaCup?  The following are just a few of the seven major nutrients that you’ll see in every single cup.

Thiamine – This vitamin is essential for helping your body digest carbohydrates and can help you process alcohol.  And you thought the best cure for a hangover was hair of the dog!

Vitamin B5 – Supporting adrenal health and reducing stress, this vitamin is essential for helping you keep your cool on a regular basis.

Folic Acid – This elusive vitamin is theoretically found in a variety of foods, but not everybody gets enough of it.  However, it’s a powerhouse, supporting healthy hair, skin, and nails, and aiding in cell renewal.

Vitamin B12 – This all-too-important vitamin is actually one of the few vitamins that is hard for vegetarians and vegans to get from food sources, since it mostly occurs in animal products.  But, a deficiency of this vitamin can lead to a shutdown of many major processes in the body, and can lead to terrifying health problems such as loss of vision and immobility.  This vitamin is crucial to the nervous system, so VitaCup Coffee ensures that you get enough!

How To Order VitaCup Coffee

If you want to try Vita Cup Coffee, now is a great time.  For a limited time, you can get a special offer on your order to save money with bulk packs.  But, the regular price for Vita Cup Coffee is pretty great, too – and far less than you’d spend at a coffee house.  And, while you could spend less on coffee, you won’t be getting the amazing flavor or vitamins you can get with VitaCup Coffee.  So, if you want to combine your daily routines and get your vitamins with your cup of Joe, then it’s time to kill two birds with one stone!  Click on the order button on this page to pick your flavor and experience the VitaCup Coffee life!

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